So You Spent A Whole Bunch Of Money On Motion Design (Now Who's Gonna Keep It Updated?)

Motion Design for digital signage and video walls can be a costly investment. They are worthwhile because the amount of revenue they stand to bring in is considerable - but they are even more worthwhile if you can reuse and repurpose your designs over time. However, once you have invested the initial money, how can you be sure that you can get multiple uses out of it? Or at least use it over a lengthy period of time in order to get your money’s worth? Here are some tips on making sure the content you create goes as far as it possibly can.

Evergreen Content

The first step to ensuring that you maximize the ROI on your design work is to keep content as evergreen as possible. This means eliminating the need to update it over and over again. The best way to do so is to take out any time, location or other particular information bits that mean a piece of content can only be used in one way. You can always come up with other material to complement the main design. For instance, if you’re designing a sign for a new product feature, you could focus the content on the fact that a new feature is rolling out - then supplement it with additional signage describing what the feature is.

Quarterly Updates

Studio Kudzu offers a quarterly update option in which we can hop in and help you make changes and updates every few months. That way you can ensure that your signage stays relevant and always speaks to the event, product, etc. that you are advertising. It’s a smart move to work with the original design team on future updates because you can feel confident that they know your brand and understand your goals and messaging.

After Effect Template Option

We also offer the option to create a template in After Effects that makes it super simple for even non-design and tech people to go in and make updates to the text and visuals after we have delivered the material. You can continue to make unlimited changes to extend the life of your content forever!

Design Around the Animation

Another way to make sure that you can easily update content is to create a design around the animation. You can have stationary messaging on a design piece and continue to change and update the animation as needed.

Create Multiple Variations

You can also alternate between the product video and other current messages in your design work in order to keep it fresh. It gets a little dull to have the same message broadcast over and over across a span of time. Alternating videos with text and other messaging can help keep it fresh.

Reposition Your Layout

Another simple way to repurpose content is just by repositioning your layout. This makes it easy to use the same basic features of an ad or design and create a totally fresh look - just by rearranging the content that already exists.

You can sometimes double, or even triple the life of your design work by taking the right initial steps to make sure it is easy to update for future use. Contact us for more information on creating design you can use over time.


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