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Video Art Installations &
Motion Graphics for Video Walls

Studio Kudzu produces moving artwork that is purpose-built for LED, projection, LCD video walls, and other digital displays in spaces including trade shows, corporate lobbies and retail exteriors. We handcraft everything from concept to final delivery. If you have a new or existing video wall and you want to WOW the public, we want to work with you. We have over 13 years experience in the digital signage business.

Video Walls

LCD video walls make a splash from a distance AND up close. We understand the power of maintaining those ridiculously high resolutions at final render time, and your visitors will notice.

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LED walls can be physically large or small, mounted up high or at eye level, far away or up close, indoor, outdoor. Playback formats are never standard. Together with your AV Integrator, we will sort out the pixel mapping and ensure that playback is perfect.

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video Art

If you have a digital sign in a high visibility space and you want to draw people in and get them taking selfies in front of your stuff, this is a no-brainer. You need some moving artwork. No messaging. No ROI metrics. Just art.

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Corporate Messaging

We understand corporate needs. As lifelong artists, we've learned the balance of art and commerce. So when we're representing your brand, we craft a damn-good story that speaks to your audience on a personal level while maintaining your messaging.

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Trade Shows

Trade show content for us is fun. What works best on the floor is a combination of video art to draw an audience and corporate / product messaging to keep them hanging around and speaking to your representatives.

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