The Story Behind Your Story

Whether you’re an agency pitching to a client or an employee pitching to your boss, having a story behind the concept makes it much more impactful. Stories are relatable and appeal to the human desire to connect and understand. But many people forget how powerful they can be in getting concepts across in a pitch. Instead of just presenting information, you are weaving a tale that is interesting and engaging. Here are some of the reasons why having a story behind the concept is a winning approach.

Play to Your Strengths

All great pitches have stories that play to their strengths. This can come in many different styles and techniques and can even be as simple as an abstract background design. But it will make the pitch much more appealing than being presented as straightforward facts without a framework.

Emotional Connection

Stories can help create emotional connection with your audience. They are likely to be bored if they are simply being talked at - but if they get wrapped up in a story of why the idea matters, it will make a real impact on them. The why is going to sell the idea more than just the creative. The creatives are there to support your storyline. Being enthusiastic and passionate by way of a story will result in more excitement about your pitch.

Motivate Others

Having a story behind a pitch is a great way to motivate your audience and also motivate the team you want to work on the project. It creates a purpose and and the excitement tends to be contagious, which helps keep a project on track. Stories draw people in and attach meaning to an idea. When people understand why they should be invested in something, they’ll be more likely to care about it and be more involved in the process.

There’s no doubt that stories are an important way to make pitches come alive. Get in touch with us - we can help create the visuals that help you develop an awesome story to pitch!


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