The Difference Between Large Format LED And Multi-Panel LCD Video Walls

Digital signage is quickly becoming the new standard bearer in advertising. From small, in-store videos to giant screens (like this one in Times Square), digital video walls make an attractive advertising option in a variety of settings. They can be used for store signage, billboards and other advertising, indoor displays and more. Design technology keeps getting better and better and that means you have some cool options to choose from when it comes to video walls. Both Multi-panel and LED video walls are great choices for different reasons - let’s take a look at some of the benefits of each.

Multi-Panel Video Walls

Multi-panel video walls, like this one, consist of a number of normal screens that are arranged together to make up one very large screen. They usually consist of low bezel screens that minimize the border separating the screens from each other. Multi-panel video walls work for a number of reasons:

  • They have a higher resolution than LED so the picture is sharper.
  • They look better up close - so they are great as in-store displays and ads that customers will be directly in front of.
  • They feature sharper text and are great for retaining attention.
  • They make it easy to convey information quickly and effectively.
  • You can get super artistic with the arrangement of monitors - like this.

Multi-panel digital signage can be a great option for eye-catching wall displays that also provide value to an audience.

LED Video Walls

LED video walls are capable of awesome effects. They consist of a large display that comes in panels that are latched together to make the wall. LED video walls have a number of benefits:

  • They are great at a distance.
  • They are great for drawing attention to a building or area - like T-Mobile does at their arena.
  • They work well for moving someone through a store.
  • They are very bright and can be used outside, day or night.
  • They can be built for tight or odd-shaped spaces.

Typically, LED video walls will be used for larger productions, outdoor events or shows with lots of light on the screen. LED displays definitely offer the greatest design flexibility and have a seamless display.

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