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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing 
is a way of educating your prospects and customers with content and information so they are better prepared to make the decision to buy your products and services.

The Inbound Methodology


The first step in the inbound methodology is to attract visitors to your website. By constantly publishing useful blog content, strangers are brought straight to your website by their organic search. We do this by continuously analyzing keywords relevant to your audience and then crafting content to suit their needs, interests and lingo. With a firm strategy, killer content and air tight SEO, your audience finds you.


An increase of anonymous visitors is not really a valuable metric for a business like yours. You need leads, and that's what this phase is all about. By offering more in-depth content like ebooks and other substantive media, you hook them with something they have to have. In exchange, you get their email address, and they get your help for free. No sales calls, no obligations.


Your lead is now further down the sales funnel, and now they just need a little push. Here's where case studies, white papers, webinars and one-on-one time come into play, as they are probably considering solutions to their now identified ailments (thanks to you!) This is a critical time to establish trust with your prospect, and our automated email campaigns can help you get there.


Once you've won over your new customer, we keep them engaged with more tailored content to help them achieve their goals. Using Smart Text and Smart Calls-To-Action, your automated campaigns hit your customers with different content depending on their buyer persona. Surveys are a great way to check in to see how they're doing with your product and to check in with how you're doing and how you can improve. Happy customers make happy promoters, and having their referrals can be a very valuable thing!


Studio Kudzu is a proud Hubspot Agency partner. Hubspot is the leader in marketing automation software. Hosting for blog posts, content offers, landing pages, SEO wizardry, campaign tracking, lead nurturing email campaigns, social media publishing and monitoring, CRM integration -- everything from one portal accessible by all users. If you want to learn more about the Hubspot platform, we're here to help.

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